Kilig (Unsent Letter)

To my Buddy,
I still have all the photos that we had, Our group pic with friends,
Pictures taken from different Hiking, Travel, Movie, Dinner, Mall Trips,
Your stolen photos on my album,
I still have all the photos of “Just the Two of us Photos”
And still, Complete compilation of our memories.
Those memories are just from couple of months since we’ve knew each other.
And I wasn’t expected, We became great Hiking and Travel Buddies.
We hitted unknown roads, And been to various Peaks, Summits and destination.
For months, You’ve became my Sanctuary, A blissful world of mine.
Whenever I’m with you, I wish, I could stop the time.
I learned to feel the “Kilig” in your every simple gestures.
I learned to love you, wholeheartedly, but Silently.
I learned to love you from a Superfar distance, even we are just inches away from each other.
I learned to Love you and put you in my own little world.
And I learned, to feel the pain once again.
I wish, I could say how much you mean to me and How long I’ve waited to feel this
Heart Pumping and Crazy feeling of being in love.
I wish, I have the courage to say it to you, on my one last shot.
But, Its too late.
Its been 7 months since you chased your dream from other land, and it hurts,
knowing that, You’ll be living there, Permanently, And I won’t be able to see you again more often.
And it really hurts, we back from strangers.
I miss those days, how you excitedly babble things to me before other people.
I miss those times, I get a message from you.
I miss those moments that we just have to chill, go to place with No Signals,
Setting our tent and Staring at blanket of Stars.
I miss hiking with you.
And I really I miss you.
But the sad truth, missing you is the only thing that I could do.
Mahal na mahal Kita, Kung alam mo lang.
Na sana, kung may pwede akong balikan, yung araw na
nakilala at nakasama kita, kahit paulit-ulit, kahit pa araw-araw
Para masabi ko sa’yo na gustong-gusto kita at mahal na mahal kita.
-Headbuff Girl

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