LDR sucks, right, babe?

by Akôçëë Smïléÿ | shared on He Said, She Said |

To the one I love,

It hurts me so much how things changed.

From routines to your treatments. It kills me inside. It broke my heart as I read and read and read all the conversations we had shared on viber, messenger and even the old text messages, wala akong pinalampas.

I read all those every night all over again.

Tears fell down but it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong as it was just I’m missed you so bad. I know and I truly understand your situation right now. Iyong pressure na binibigay ng trabaho mo at sa personal problem mo. But why was it easy for you to tell me na “iba na ang dati sa ngayon” — ganun na lang ba ka simple ang lahat?

I asked myself: “deserve ko ba talaga lahat ‘to?”

Yung coldness mo. Or baka naman nag o-overthink na naman ako.

It hurts babe. You know how much you mean to me. Even the experts cannot explain what I really feel for you. Bakit bigla na lang nagbago ang lahat? Bakit kaya mo akong matiis, samantalang ako hindi ko kaya?

Bakit ganun nag-la-like ka sa status ng iba and the hell! EX mo pa samantalang sa ‘kin deadma.

Maybe for you maliit na bagay lang yun pero sa ‘kin BIG DEAL yun 😞 !

Alam mo ba na miss na miss na kita.

In one month I tried my best not to hear your voice over the phone because of your personal reasons. But why all of the sudden nakaya mong tiisin yun? Kasi may ginagawa ka at busy ka sa work?

Naiintindihan ko lahat ng yun. Ang hindi ko maintindihan, bakit feeling ko mas nakakadagdag lang ako sa mga problema mo ngayon di gaya ng dati na isang text o tawag ko lang tanggal na lahat ng stress mo. Parang I’m just one call and a text away pero ngayon mukhang hindi na.

LDR sucks right?

Should I shut down for awhile for you to miss me? But how?

Kung ganitong ni walang minuto di ko kayang matiis ka, ni oras-oras hinahanap-hanap kita.

Maybe because I love you so much.

No matter what happens, I will still stand by you despite the distance. I will truly love you and will never leave your side kahit gaano ka pa ka busy at wala ng time.

Love is patient. I know it’s all worth it.

That’s why I will wait for you patiently because I LOVE YOU babe.

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