Those days and nights

by Allona Zyra Cambronero | shared on He Said, She Said |

Those days and nights with you by my side,
are now playing in my mind a thousand times.

Your eyes, your nose, your voice
that shows how much I love you when we stay close,
those hands and fingers that fits in mine,
make butterflies in my tummy that I can’t hide.

Your walk, your smile, everything plays in mind;
Oh how can I forget what I feel when you’re by my side;
the silly things we’ve done, the moments when we laugh,
the moments when we both shared our feelings when we’re sad.

Your name, your face that I can’t really forget;
you’re the only person who can tease me like this.
the sound of your laughter, the sounds that you make,
the song that you’ve sung to me when the day had end.

I just can’t hide my feelings for you ’cause everyday
you make me fall in love and it’s true;
we had bad days or even the worst kind of things came to us
but we still held on together and made it right.

Remember the day when we first kissed?
There’s that sparkling feeling that make me freeze.
Your lips on mine while you’re holding me tight
made me feel safe and protected in the darkest part of my life.

I love you, I love you day and night and I know
how much we love to be together my sweet lullaby.
I love you, I love you till the end of my life;
but I wan’t to say goodbye.

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