Letting You Go

Letting You Go
by JC Cuales, Negosentro.com |
Before I go to sleep
Even when I wake up
There are a lot of questions
Keep popping in my mind
What happened to our love?
We used to be happy
We used to build our dreams
Why it’s happening to us?
Why I’m the only one who’s hurt and you’re not
Why it’s so easy for you and so hard for me
Why not that you cared and not that it mattered
What did I do wrong, to make this thing happens
For this truth, I wanted to get angry and hate you
But I can’t contain myself in loving you
Once I learned this truth, all I can do is cry and accept the reality
That I can never hate the person I love
You come and go like waves in the ocean
You change moods like seasons change weather
Sometimes you act hard like a rock
Sometimes as light, soft, and nice as a feather
I held your hand for as long as I could,
But I grew weak as you pulled and pulled
My heart is broken when you say it’s over
My tears fell and my heart is shattered
As I stood there and watched you go,
I wanted to hold you and never let go
But the time came when I realized,
You never felt this way and I should let you go
I love you more than I’ve ever known
My love for you is true and pure
I don’t really want to give up and say goodbye
But I do need to understand that it’s the time to let go
As I write this poem I’m hurting inside
‘Coz it’ll be the last
It’s sad that I can no longer make you happy
And it’s the time to let you go.

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