Love, Sarah


by s.a.s.m

You are more than that skin as white as snow,
You are more than the girl you think you know.

That divine face;
is not worthy of tears & heartbreak.
But of blissful thoughts—
remaining asleep & not awake;
Rest, as much as you want.
Rest, from this world full of unwanted feelings.

You have so much in you that you keep your eyes open—
together with your heart’s door.
Letting anything & anyone to keep on coming, welcomed so often;
then leave you not adored.

You are more than these.
Never forget that you are more than these.
You are as beautiful as the sun merging with the beauty of the moon;
you are a majestic eclipse that may happen anytime soon—
to someone’s life.

Please take care of your heart,
know when to open & close it.
You are designed by a great Creator;
let no one hurt or crush it.


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