Friends Between Ends


by anxiety lover

Will you see me someday
As someone who loves you truly 
And not just a friend
Who will be there, through the end
Why can’t you look at me in the eyes
And love me the same way
Like how you looked at her
With passion and care
I’m the one who’s always been here
Even if you didn’t see me because of her
It seems, I need a great luck
For you to love me back
But seeing you happy
Makes me feel dreamy
Hoping it was me
But I know it won’t happen anyway
Calling you mine was a fantasy
Loving you becomes my hobby
Seeing you makes me happy
But keeping this ,was killing me slowly
Friends that was what we are
It’s what we have and what will have
Friends, friends, friends
Almost to its end
I know she’s all you see
She’s all you need
And now I need to cut the strings
Between friends and ends.

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