Marriage is a lifetime commitment

Marriage is a lifetime commitment

Have you found The One?

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It’s not just about “getting married” and changing your FB status. Pray hard for wisdom and discernment even before you pop the question or say “yes.”

He Said: I’ve seen many marriages fail for many reasons — including trivial ones. I’ve also seen a greater number of successful and enduring ones. Is there a secret to making it last? My take is starting from the beginning. It is “why” you wanted to get married to that person in the first place. Marriage is a commitment. It’s enduring all challenges life will throw at you. This goes for both parties. One must withstand temptations and peer pressure, while the other prays for strength and protection. This is a common occurrence. In all, it’s first asking for God’s guidance before a decision is made. When it’s done, it’s praying even more for God to strengthen your marriage. Let’s start from the beginning — the reason for getting married. It’s much deeper than changing your Facebook status from “in a relationship” to “married to.” It’s beyond one’s consideration of a “body clock.” It’s really all about having God in both your lives first, then in your relationship. Seek God’s plan. It’s perfect.

She Said: Yes it’s a lifetime commitment. No turning back. So when you decide, make sure you are willing to accept everything about your partner. Don’t rush into marriage for the wrong reasons. Pray hard for it and make sure you are both ready to fight for each other no matter what the reasons are. Trust, believe and surrender everything to God, even if the road is rough. Hang on, hold hands together until it becomes smooth again. You might pass this path a hundred times, but as long as you have God in the middle you will never go wrong. 🙂

To-do now: Pray for God’s plan in your relationship, and would-be lifetime partner. He is perfect, and so are His plans. Invite God into your relationship now.

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