Meron ka bang ka-MU (Malabong Usapan)?

He Said, She Said | Meron ka bang ka-MU? It’s that thingy called “its complicated” or that vague “in a relationship” status that you have on your social media. If this status leaves you hanging (or bitin), then see what we have to say. Read on.

He Said: It’s either you are or you’re not — the ONLY ONE — in that thing you call a relationship. Yes, it’s that simple. Anything in between is a huge injustice to both parties. Worse, it’s a gross waste of time. You’d be better off being single (with or without a kid) and enjoy the company of friends and family than be in a complicated situation. Love? Better to love yourself first, which starts with respecting yourself and others. If you’re the confused guy, be a man and decide. If you’re the clingy girl who’s with a confused guy, get out and let go. God has actually prepared a better situation for you. Yun lang, may naka-insert eh, kaya di matuloy. So let go, and let God work His thing. Pray for the real one, the right one. Set yourself free. You’re worth it!

She Said: MU or mutual understanding is one status I cannot fully understand. The Generation today is so used to this. Why oh why ladies are you settling for this? Don’t you know that you are worth way more than this stage? You should be pursued, looked after, taken cared of and most importantly loved whole-heartedly. Don’t settle for text messages and pm’s (private messages) as a way of courtship. Call me old fashioned, but a man who made an effort in courting and had a hard time getting a “YES” from a woman will be more serious in having a relationship. If they get everything easy, do you think they will stay longer? They can drop you and leave at a moment’s notice. So parang awa nyo na girls, set your standards higher. Let the guys suffer a bit. It won’t hurt them, but you will benefit from it. So game? Pahirapan na sila 😜. God bless everyone!

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To do today: Pagpahalagahan ang isang relasyon. Either kayo talaga o hindi. Don’t settle for anything in between.

Joke Time: Liligawan ka sa text, then sinagot mo. Asan ang love dun? Nasa SIM card? Or MU tawag dun? Labo!

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