Still Single. So, what now?

Still Single. So, what now?

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So you’re still Single. So, what now? If you think your situation is permanent and you’re worried about your final destination, here’s what we say…

He Said: Being single is either a choice or a matter of circumstance. But both are not necessarily permanent. If you are indeed looking for someone to be with you the rest of your life, wouldn’t you want that someone to be for keeps? We’ve seen a lot of early marriages due to pregnancy end in horrible separations. And similar unhappy endings due to be in a hurry to be “in a relationship.” What to do? Discern God’s plan for you because there are those blessed to remain God’s servant or handmaid. Then again, many are called to married life. Thus, for you, from day one, pray for The One. Pray unceasingly if you must. Just wait on the Lord. He’s perfect, and so are His plans. So why hurry and fail miserably when you can have all the time to prepare yourself for God’s special gift to come into your life? God promised: “Ask and you shall receive.” So it will be.

She Said: Being single is not bad. It’s just a stage everyone is going through. Don’t worry about your age. Don’t listen to your body clock (tick tock, tick tock). If you worry about this too much, you might get premature gray hair. Don’t stress yourself. So what if you’re the only one who is single among your friends? Enjoy it. Life is beautiful to waste worrying if you’ll ever get married. Just trust in the Lord. He is preparing the best for you. He is not yet finished with His masterpiece. His plans are always perfect. Pray for the right one. But if the Lord calls you to single blessedness, obey and follow Him because He knows what’s best for you. God bless everyone.

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To do today: Wait on the Lord. His plans are perfect.

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