You met someone. Is he or she The One?

You met someone.
Is he “the One?”

He Said: To know for sure if he’s the one, here’s a simple 7-point checklist to guide you:

1. Does he respect you?
2. Does he listen to you?
3. Does he want to make you happy always?
4. Does he pursue you?
5. Does he bring out the best in you?
6. Does he share your faith?
7. Does he pray?

She Said: I found this article “7 Clues He’s Not The One God Has For You” from that’s perfect for this topic. I hope this will be helpful…

God’s perfect will for your life involves relationships that nourish, strengthen and empower you with love. Here are some clues that you’re dating Mr. Wrong.

1. He points out your weaknesses

The one God has for you should not play on your weaknesses. They should play up your strengths and help you build the weaker areas. Beware of those who behave like predators.

2. Your heart’s not safe

If your heart is worn out from routine heartbreak, it’s probably an indicator to move on. The Bible says we should guard our heart, so if your heart isn’t safe with this person let it go.

3. He acts different in public

Does he let your hand go or act more casual in public (or especially around other women), then he hasn’t fully committed. A person with fickle character is not someone that can be trusted in a long term relationship.

4. Family and friends warn you

Listen to those who love you most and have known you the longest. The old saying “love is blind” can cause a person to overlook the signs. God can and will speak to you through others.

5. God seems quiet

Sometimes silence is God’s way of showing disapproval. The problem is sometime the hearer is not ready to accept the truth. If God gives you an answer about your relationship and you ignore, His voice will become dimmer and dimmer.

6. You can’t be yourself

If you’ve taken on a false identity to be with someone, it’s a sign to step back and re-evaluate. Any relationship that causes you to lose yourself will not be a healthy one. Both people need to be comfortable to bring who they are to the table.

7. There’s something not quite right

The Bible says that the peace of God should be the governing force in our hearts. If you don’t fully have peace about the relationship, proceed with caution and ask The Lord to guide you into the right decision.

Kaya wag mahihiyang magtanong kay Lord if he really is the right one for you. Have a fun filled weekend everyone. God bless .

May mahalagang tanong?

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