My Love for You

by Mary Angeline Gabuco Lopez | shared on He Said, She Said |

Flowers bloom, the river flows
The sun rises, and wind blows
But I have something I want to show
It is the love that really grow

It was you Oh Darling, I needed most
Your smile, your laugh, I cant take to lose
You’ve been my sunshine and moonlight
Whom I wanted to hold tight

I love you, even though its against the world
I’ll never leave you in times of all odds
Cant control my heart beating for you
Cause its always you I am loving to

Oh darling, I met you unexpectedly
Then I fell in love with you suddenly
It makes me feel special and lucky
So I want to share my life with you happily

Always remember that I’m your shadow
I’m always looking you at my window
Staring you is my favorite show
For loving me back is my biggest owe

You’ve been my strength and power
To make things without cower
You taught to me to fight
So that I am always in light

You are the greatest gift of all
Because you catch me when I fall
You loved me with all your hearts
And I promise to never break your heart

If so forever do exist
I want to share with you this
Loving you from morning
Will never end ’til evening.

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