My Love

my love

by Clarissa D. Labutap

My love, you open my eyes to see the new chance of risking to be loved.
My love, you let me hear the beat of my heart
My love, you make me taste the sweetness of being in love
My love, you risk to make me feel the spark of love.

My love, you caught my once loss heart
My love, you bring meaning to my once drain life
My love, you activated my tired nerve that awaken my once hurt heart
My love, you awaken my brain that make me think of you non stop.

My love, you erase my hurtful past that made me love you even more each day that pass
My love, you switch the light that let me see the brighter side of being inlove
My love, you find my weak love spot that made me love you even more
My love, you made my world revolve with yours.

Together we’ll make all our promises done, MY LOVE.

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