Negativity hurts relationships. Stay away from negative people.

Seemingly solid relationships are rocked by many factors. Hidden in plain sight are a lot of negativity. They build up over time and before you know it, your relationship crashes. What to do?

He Said: Relationships easily fall because of negativity. The first thing to watch out for are negative people. They plant seeds of contempt in your relationship/s simply because you’re happy — and they’re not. They impart gossip, lies, and intrigues. Soon, either you believe them or you innocently make those things happen. Over time, your relationship collapses. These are the same people you call “friends” in and outside of social media. Call them fans, but they are your lurkers and stalkers. All they want is to see you fall. They comfort you but rejoice inside. What to do? Stay away from them. Period. The very sign you see people like that in your circle, slowly (or even drastically) cut your ties with them. Of course, there are people who are genuinely concerned with you. That will need discernment and lots of wisdom. That is what you will need to pray for. God sees through people’s hearts. Ask His help. he’ll be the one to expose them and uncover their plots. You will be given clarity.

As to negative situations, those, too, you should avoid. Any situation that makes you uncomfortable, because you simply are annoyed by the people in it as well, get out! Don’t go to places your heart tells you not to. It’s probably your guardian angel calling out. Heed your angel’s advice. This advice applies beyond your relationships. It may apply to your life in general. Be in the grace and presence of the Lord always. Pray for protection, that He may open your eyes to what is true and false. God is your protector and deliverer.

Say this little prayer daily: “Lord God, shine your light on me and my loved ones. Whatever weapons are being formed against me and on those I care about, let them not prosper. Be my guide and protector from everything evil. Amen.”

She Said: I’d say that this is true. We did stay away from a few people in our circle who do not only talk about others all the time, but continuously contradict everything we say. Slowly, we filled our circle with loving people, and those who tell us directly when something is wrong, rather than telling others.

Negative people are contagious; thus you attract the same vibes. Try surrounding yourself with real ones and you will experience a change in your life. You’ll see things differently, feel energized, and surprisingly, you will be happy all the time. Why? Because you will see the good in whatever situation you will get into. You will look at people in a positive way. Stay happy. Be happy. Stay positive all the time!

To-do now: Find sources of negativity surrounding your relationships — and your life. Turn the tables around by adding positivity and staying away from negative people and situations.

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