Never fear tomorrow

The right love,
at the right time,
with the right person.
This is what everyone aspires to have.
And why not?

When we were much younger, we would go through life without fear. We always felt we were indestructible. That nothing or no one can ever hurt us. But reality strikes us. We get hurt, bruised and beaten. Sometimes, it’s who we love is the same person who hurts us the most. Then we start to fear tomorrow.

There will come a point in our lives when we’ll meet that person who will allow us to stand up again. The same person who will make us feel invincible. We will no longer fear tomorrow knowing that someone believes in you. That no matter how many times you fall, that person is there to help you rise up and fight another day.

Have you found that person already? If yes, keep that person. You are indeed blessed.

If you are still looking for that person, pray for God to lead him or her to you. Don’t look for him or her. He or she will find you instead. So be ready. God answers prayers in ways we don’t necessarily understand. But He answers.

When the right person comes, you’ll know. The heart will know. For you’ll come to feel that there’s nothing else to fear. Love conquers all.

– Tito Homer & Tita Jinky

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