The One That I’ve Yearned For

by Mark Jason Neria |

Oh how could someone like you be so beautiful,
With your smile that’s so wonderful,
That makes someone like me fall,
With you who could be my all,

I will make you feel wanted,
If that makes you feel excited,
Every wish will be granted,
That’s how you will be treated,

Oh how I always wanted you to be here,
Always wanted you to be near,
For your voice is music to my ears,
For which I always wanted to hear,

I’ve never been this much in love,
You who were sent from God above,
Everything happens so fast,
That I’m afraid it won’t last,

My dear, you’re what I dream of,
And I couldn’t ask for more,
With you I will not find anyone, anymore,
Cause just being with you is worth dying for.

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