Our Fate in Books

Our Fate in Books
Image: Pexels.com

by Josh Bazar | Our Fate in Books

We came from different bookshelves
One day, we collided in a cafe where lovers brought us
and they sip their coffees and read about us
We share our completely different prologues,
introducing what we are all about on our own anthology
We had opposite descriptions;
You may have romantic genre while I have tragic drama
You were the favorite book that everyone seems to love.
Meanwhile, I might be the opposite one
whose papers were covered by dust for long days
Outnumbered by common ones that generic people seems to admire
But still appreciated by some anyway.

But it doesn’t matter
How colorful cover you have or how bland mine could be
Or how thick you are, while I have little words to say.
We are maybe defined by varieties
By your poetic book accent and my underrated character
With us being together, readers see two different perspectives
That life could be lovely and happy for some
However grievous and unlucky to others
But the pages said: “You are both masterpieces”
We began unalike stories
As when the pages are turned
We share the same ending.

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