REBOUND. Di ba sa basketball lang ‘to?
How come, it’s easy for you to change your ex
as if it were just a flat tire?
If you feel you or your friend is in a rebound-type
of a relationship, here’s what we say about it:

He Said: It’s not that easy to fall out of love with your ex. So going into another relationship while you’re still hurting is a no-no. You’ll simply be using your rebound GF/BF as a crutch. Allow healing into your life before dumping all your loneliness and hurts with your next. You don’t need to prove to yourself or anyone that you are worthy to be loved. Quickly going into a rebound relationship is selfish and immature.

Nothing is as easy as catching a heart on a rebound. Learn to know if you’re being loved or just being used.

Take note: Not every quick-change in a relationship is considered a rebound. There’s a small percentage of people who already have a falling-out and thus, have fallen for someone else while still in a relationship. This time, it’s called a third party. 🙂

She Said: I am pretty sure we are all familiar with this word, “Rebound.” And it is not a wise choice after a break up. Why?

1. You’re not really sure if you want another relationship ASAP.
2. You cannot determine if it’s love or loneliness.
3. It is so unfair for the other party.
4. You have to unload first all your emotional baggages.
5. Come on let’s face it. It won’t work out. Ok maybe not 100% but at least 90% of the time it doesn’t work.

So get a hold of yourself and go through the process. There is no shortcut to being okay after a break up. Take time to heal. Don’t use another person to unlove somebody. There’s no need to rush. Focus on rebuilding your life. Love will find it’s way back to you at the right time, in the right place, with the right one. Just keep on praying. God bless everyone. A happy week to us.

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