Reserba ka ba?

So kailan ka pa naging gulong para gawing reserba niya?

He Said: You are special. If others treat you otherwise, remember that you have friends and family who love you dearly. So why will you allow yourself to be a reserve on a relationship? Bitaw ka na. You deserve to be in a much better situation. Talo ka diyan.

She Said: When somebody tells you to wait until the current relationship is over, ahhhhhhh wait. That’s a red flag waving at you. Seriously? To wait? Until when? Hanggang magsawa sya? Hanggang mag away sila? Hanggang makahanap ng dahilan? Hanggang di na sya masaya? Hanggang kailan?

If you really love someone, you don’t make them as reserve. You make them your priority. Reserving a person in case the present didn’t work out are for cowards. Takot maging single. Gusto lagi may sasalo. Remember you are not supposed to be the back up plan. You should be the main plot.

So wake up!!!! The next time someone asks you to wait, look at them straight in the eyes, raise an eyebrow, and say di ako magpapaloko dong. Happy weekend!

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