Can the heart forget?

Can the heart forget?
Why is it easy to love, but so hard to forget?

He Said: Love is such a beautiful thing have! But it has to be done right, and happen at the right time. Indeed, it’s easier said than done. Just remember falling in love and going into a relationship are two different things. True intentions and a commitment to stay should be validated before jumping in. Pahirapan mo muna kasi. O, paghirapan.Huwag padalos-dalos o nagmamadali na kala mo mauubusan ka ng ka-relasyon. Huwag din mainggit sa iba dahil di naman kawalan ang wala pang bf o gf. Anything done in haste, goes to waste. Pray for wisdom and guidance before telling yourself that s/he is The One. Because should you end up with the “wrong one,” you won’t easily forget that regret. Mas mabuti pang happily single ka kesa nagmadali at miserableng fail naman. Will you ever forget? The heart will eventually forget. Unfortunately, the mind won’t easily forget. That’s why, iwasan ang regrets, ok?

She Said: In my opinion, I think everyone is excited to fall in love, that is why it’s so easy to love. But loving someone in haste can be dangerous. It can cause you pain and lot of emotional distress, which will lead you to moving into a difficult stage. So I guess my advice is to be very careful and fall in love for the right reasons. Don’t rush. Pray for the right one to save you from a big time heartache. Chill. Life is beautiful and simple. Enjoy and don’t complicate it. God bless everyone.

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