by Jennilyn Padua | shared on He Said, She Said |

I knew how to walk
You taught me how to dance
I knew only small talks
Yet you took the chance

These lips only knew how to frown
Then you pinched my cheeks and made me smile
My world that seems to spiral down
Has slowly launched up a billions miles

These eyes were once clouded
With dry tears and nothingness
Your light shone, spell casted
Captivating me with your wonders

These ears only heard sad melodies
Piercing notes which make hearts bleed
Out of the blue a song of rejoice echoed
Then you brought happy rhythm to my ode

This hand only knew how to write
A story that ends with torn papers
You pulled me in and erased the fright
Now I’m a changed soul forever

This heart lets chances to pass
Like raindrops dropping from trembling palms
Then you showed me a love that lasts
Now beneath the storm I am completely calm

Everything in me slowly molded
Melting into the crevices of your beauty
Souls merged, fingers knotted
This devotion transcends even eternity.

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