Stalking your ex

Pssst… are you stalking your ex?
Guilty ka ba or not guilty sa gawaing ‘yan?
Kung may mapapala ka diyan, heto ang sa amin:

He Said: Facebook surveillance happens more often when you’ve had a devastatingly painful break-up. The sad part is that by doing so, you are prolonging the moving-on process. You don’t even bother to create a different life for your newly single self. This means you are missing out on opportunities to meet someone new who’d probably be your The One. Sayang naman. Remember, the best remedy for a broken heart is to avoid exposure to your ex –both offline and online. Pero kung makulit ka lang talaga, hindi yan dahil mahal mo siya but because you can’t accept that you lost and there was no formal closure. Worse, di mo matanggap ang dahilan niya sa break-up. Saklap di ba? Eh di tigilan na yang surveillance mo. Mag move-on ka na. Ask God to heal you and everything will be alright.

She Said: Why do you stalk your ex? There are a lot of reasons. But let me share a few of the obvious.

1. You are not yet over him/her.
2. You want to know who is happier between the two of you.
3. To check if he/she has someone new.
4. To know if there is anything about you on his/her timeline.
5. You are waiting for unfortunate things to happen so you can rejoice.

I can go on and on, but seriously? Just get over it. How?

1. Accept that you are over. Done. Finished. Nada. Tapos na. Period.
2. Block him/her and hide posts of people related to him.
3. Go out with your family and friends and create new and happy memories.
4. Enjoy being single. Not everyone is free to do what they want.
5. Tell your friends not to ask or even mention his/her name, until you are no longer hurting.

Remember you can never forget a person if you continue to reminisce your past. You will only hurt yourself again and again and again if you don’t stop stalking. So pray to God to give you the courage to start the painful process of healing. Slowly but surely. Comprende? God bless everyone. Have a wonderful weekend .

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