Teach me

by Damon Giovanni | shared on He Said, She Said |

First, teach me how to unlove you.
Teach me how to be scared to fall in love in a short period of time.
Teach me how to understand the war inside you.

I’m willing to study every single thing about you.
I’m willing to give my whole day about “getting to know you.”

Teach me. Be my teacher and I’ll be your student —
your student who’s willing to stay up all night.

She’s willing to give you her seconds, minutes, hours, days , weeks and months
just for you to know her and also for her to do the same.

Now, you told me a heartbreaking confession.
I think, that’s the best lesson of you.

You teach me whats the difference
between being a priority and being an option.

A priority can be an option
but an option will never be a priority.

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