That Joy You Bring

by Homer Nievera | shared on He Said, She Said |

Joy is the word I would describe
The way I feel about you.
It might be because of your charm
That accompanies your smile,
Or the way you do your hair
That captures me to a constant gaze.

You astonish me with your wisdom;
And the strength of your soul
Encompasses my world,
As nothing in me and within me
Escapes the aura of stillness and calm
That you bring into my life.

I am enchanted by your inner being.
Happiness rules your life.
Your faith and will are impregnable.
Your naive but complete honesty
Betrays the innocence of your heart.
There lies the strength of your character.

Tomorrow may bring sadness,
But surely it will never overcome
The joy you continue to bring into me
For there will always be more days
Of sunshine than rain
Knowing you’ll always be around.

(a poem for Sweetie during our anniversary 2006)

[January 19, 2006]

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