Trail of the Boomers

by Homer Nievera | shared on He Said, She Said |

Born in the last trail of the boomers,
When flowers were equal to power,
And everyone feared a nuclear shower,
Has the world changed for the better?

When television was in black and white,
Or ideals were either left or right,
Letting the big boys pick a fight,
Have we changed the value of might?

As rock and roll was being aired,
And Hollywood was being bared,
As many mothers’ teary eyes stared,
What price for blood was really paid?

Many more were born after us,
But there’s still division inside a bus,
We nurtured love of wealth as a must,
Now where’s the culture of trust?

Counting the silver and grey hairs we see,
Many more dreams that could never be,
If only fifty more years had we,
Can the captive nations truly be free?

Watching leaders and nations rise and fall,
We’ve always seen the writing on the wall,
We can still make our final call,
And be the generation that did our all.

[October 11, 2011]

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