The Break Up

by Cho Amisola | shared on He Said, She Said |

“Let’s end this.”
Those words came piercing my heart and ears,
but you didn’t take it back despite of seeing my tears.
The day I dreaded, the day I feared;
came in front of my eyes and left my heart smeared.

“Can we not fix this?”
I cried and begged for you to stay,
but you neglected and pushed my wails away.
Were the promises that you and I have made,
have turned into bubbles that were bound to vanish and fade?

“We can’t, I’m sorry, goodbye.”
You uttered confidently and full of certainty,
though for me, I guess I’ll never find clarity.
The reason why you’re really leaving,
perhaps will have me forever thinking.

“Hurt me or break me, I’ll still love you.”
I said with honesty and truthfulness,
but the pain you were causing was hard to harness.
My heart was breaking, and I couldn’t breathe;
I was thinking: “The love of my life is someone I can never be with.”

The talk was nothing and invaluable,
your decision was made, changes were not applicable.
So I let go of you; the man that once was mine,
Yes, or No, I have no idea if I will ever be fine.

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