The Day I Realized

by Michael Angelo Gallano | shared on He Said, She Said |

Falling In love is not easy
Its not like one 1-2-3 then you’re ready
It will take time for you to love somebody
Don’t get bored, don’t get tired
Yes, it sounds silly
And I know, Its hard to love somebody who doesn’t love you back
Here it goes…

It was at the time that I was wondering, will someone love me again?
Will someone love me without conditions and limitations?
Then until I fell in love with someone who doesn’t love me back

The first time I saw you, I was sure about my feelings
I didn’t think about anything, just the love we will be sharing
Your smile, your voice
The way you move, the way you talk
It is all perfect for me
But not all love stories have happy endings

I wanted to be your travel buddy, but you don’t want to be with me
I wanted to talk to you every day, but you don’t even want to hear a single thing I say
I wanted you to feel how much I missed you, but you don’t feel the same for me too
I wanted to know how your day was, but you’ll just let it pass
I wanted to ask for forgiveness, but you listen less
I wanted answers from you, but all you had for me is silence
I love you, but you don’t even like me
The time you told me to get lost,
Was the time I realized
how stupid a person could be when it comes to expectations
The time you told me not to contact you anymore,
Was the time I realized that not all people wanted admiration
The time I woke up from this beautiful nightmare,
Was the time I realized that the answers I deserve
is more than your HAHA’s, Okay’s and emoticons
The time you ignored me,
Was the time I realized that I don’t need your attention anymore

Your kiss was a poison, your hugs were vines
Killing me softly, entangling my soul
Your voice was a demons call, a devil’s irresistible harmony
Tempting, charming and stunning

But all of these was just a dream,
I woke up and I realized that it was not you I am looking for
I was not happy because of you
Even though I lost you, I still found myself
And I declare myself a winner.

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