Why I Love You This Much

by Homer Nievera | shared on He Said, She Said |

Many times in my life
I have tried to define love.
But somehow the more years
We spend together
Love has acquired its own meaning
Through who you are.

Even the smallest bit about you
Is so beautiful and real.
Your light brown eyes sparkle
To reflect your inner beauty.
Your smile is so infectious yet comforting
To a tired soul like mine.

My heart seems to have found wings
To be able to find you
Amidst the many stars on earth.
I may sometimes forget who I am
but never what you have made of me.
I am, because of you.

Though tomorrow may be uncertain
Nothing else matters more,
Than a future written by you and me.
One thing though is certain:
You will never need anything;
I will be there, you will see.

Why do I love you this much?
Is a question I ask myself a lot.
As I look deep into my heart
I know why this is true:
I need not search for any clue,
As I found my home in you.

(Happy 19th Anniversary, Sweetie!)

[January 19, 2010]

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