Why only second?

by Marjorie Pamittan Sibal | shared on He Said, She Said |

I am your secret rendezvous.
I am your meantime girl.
I am your stolen moments.
I am your barrowed time.

Why should I complain?
I let you you drew the line to treat me this way.
Why should I question?
I gave you the prerogative of loving me half out of whole.

You said “Thank you for understanding me”
I said, “That’s my work. No worries.”
But at the back of my mind,
I said, “I wish I can be your first”

Yes. It pains me.
It pains how to hold giggles after glance.
It pains how to hold butterflies inside stomach
And how to be the first when she’s not around.

But this kind up of set up I know don’t lasts.
A woman like me don’t deserve to be second.
I should get rid now or else I am trapped.
To the love that has been killing me all my life.

Now, I’m letting you go.
Goodbye my lover, but almost.
I’m gonna miss you but surely forget you.
Hold on, here’s more.

I’m do done. Thank you.

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