Will you change anything in your past?

From a Facebook post on Sept. 28, 2016

If you have the chance to change anything in your past, what would that be? Would you want to change anything at all?

He Said: Life’s a series of ups and downs. It’s a combination of happiness and sadness. Admittedly, there were many times I had thought of the possibility of time travel simply because I wanted to change somethings in the past. Usually, they were outcomes of bad decisions I made. So if had changed those decisions, maybe, things would have come out better. Buton the other hand, would I have become a better person than I am today? I don’t think so. Failures are learnings in disguise. Many times we falter. But when we get up and dust ourselves off, we get to learn not to take that path again. We become doubly wiser and many times stronger. The bonus is that we have answered our “what ifs.” Thus, my take is not to change anything. It’s like when you decide to commit to a relationship. You should not want to change anything in the past, but change many things today so you’ll have a better version of your future together. Let’s face it. God didn’t allow man to have the ability to go back in time. Because He wanted us to keep moving forward and never look back. When God forgives our past mistakes, He completely forgets them. We are the only ones who can’t forgive ourselves. If you want to have a better future, forget the past. Live for today and build a better version — and a better story. Ask God to reveal His best plan for you. That’s a better deal.

She Said: Not a chance. Even if those experiences are so bad, it breaks me just to think about it. Why? First, will changing it can give a better result? Maybe yes, but most probably not. Second, all those made me who I am today. Stronger, wiser, braver, happier — wish i could say sexier. Hahahaha… but it doesn’t matter, what’s important is I am a better version of myself. And third, I believe God allowed them for a reason only He knows. I thank Him everyday for loving me, and being with me every step of the way. Best of all, thank You God for giving me so much love in my heart, that there is no room for hatred to linger. Life is beautiful to dwell in your past. You cannot change it, but you have today to be happy about and you have a future to work on. Stay happy everyone!

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