Do you believe in destiny?

Do you believe in destiny o mas dun ka kay batman mas naniniwala?

He Said: For me like the country’s presidency, love is destiny pre-planned by God. That is, if we let God have a hand in choosing our life partner. Marami kasi diyan, kay batman inaasa ang forever nila. Kaya puro sakit ng dibdib ang nakukuha. Then meron naman diyan, subok ng subok at puro MU at No Label ang ginagawa kaya daming sinasagasaan at sinasaktan. What to do? Wait on love. Be patient and let God’s hand move in your life. Pray unceasingly for God to reveal His plans. Sa komiks lang yang si batman. God is real and perfect — so are His plans. For sure, someone’s waiting for you.

She Said: What is meant to happen will happen. That’s destiny. Will you allow it to rule your life? As a human being you are given the freedom to do what you want. As long as you don’t hurt anyone in achieving your goals. No one can avoid things that are meant to be, but praying to God will help you discern if you will let it manipulate your present situation. Here are some of my opinions.

1. Destiny depends on the choices you make. You create them. You work hard towards it. You put all your efforts to the destiny that you want to attain.

2. You are destined to finish the race, as long as you have courage and determination.

3. Chances and options will always be there, but in the end it will always be your choice.

Enjoy your weekend .

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