How do you mend a broken heart?

How do you mend a broken heart? Is it that easy to forget someone who has become a part of your life?
You’re broken. How can you pick up the pieces again and move forward?
If you haven’t really recovered from a breakup, then read how to at least start the healing process.

He Said: Your current situation is not your final destination. One day you will be happier than ever. But you have to start by accepting that the breakup happened. There is no point in blaming yourself forever. Have some regrets for a while and then move on. Your breakup is a blessing. It’s God’s way of opening you up to a better opportunity — someone who deserves your love and attention even more. So start picking up the broken pieces one by one. Never count the days or the weeks. Just count your blessings. Turn your wounds and scars into wisdom. Create more happy memories with your friends. Soon, you’ll no longer remember the pain. Then God will reveal his plan for you — your forever! God is good. He won’t let you down.

She Said: It’s really hard to let go of what you thought was real. You have to accept that it is over. That’s how you start mending a broken heart. Sad to say, but there is no other way but to go through it and not around it. Feel the pain. Cry your heart out. Cry some more then start the process of healing. How???

1. Keep in mind that pain is inevitable but temporary. Just feel it. Lilipas din yan. Suffering is optional, so if you suffer ginusto mo yan.
2. No matter how badly broken your heart is it will heal. Pray for healing. God will be your best ally.
3. Start rearranging your life. Remember from this day forward wala ng kayo. So huwag matigas ang ulo. 😝
4. Don’t stalk, reminisce, and huwag pabebe. Okay?
5. Don’t lose hope. Be positive and look forward to the day that you will love again. Yes love again and pray for the best.

I believe you can all mend your broken hearts. Just decide that you will start today. God bless everyone😘

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