For the last time, Goodbye

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To the man I loved the most.
Thank you for taking me for granted.
Thank you for making me feel unwanted.
Thank you for making me believe in your lies.
Thank you for showing no affection.
Thank you for making me feel insecure.
Thank you for reminding me that you are not the one.
Thank you for making me believe all this time that it was all my fault.
Thank you for making me feel that it was always me– the wrong.
Thank you for making me believe that im not enough.
Thank you for making me believe that I don’t deserve to be loved back.
Thank you for giving me a chance to find someone better.
Otherwise, I am sorry.
Sorry for putting so much effort to see you.
Sorry for being clingy as f*ck.
Sorry for trusting you to the point that I forgot to trust myself.
Sorry for needing you.
Sorry for loving you so much.
To the point that I forgot how to love myself.
I am really sorry for making you my world; my life.
My everything to the point that I almost forgot who am I to you.
For the last time, I never regret loving you so deep. Goodbye.

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