Forgotten Words

forgotten words
Image: pexels-photo-739446

by Kyan Chantal aka PreciousStone26 (Wattpad) | Forgotten Words

A couple of months had passed,
Still, her hand shuddered…
With failures, fears, and frustrations,
In holding another pen to scribble her emotions.

She forgot how to play with words,
Having hard times putting a course,
Can’t let go of a proper phrase
Believing that she’ll never be one of the aces.

Found comfort in writing,
Shed tears through poetries,
Her rhythms and music are the words she rhymed
When it feels like the world is at its darkest time.

Now she wanted to compose a song of her own for one last time.
But how can she write again,
With words, she neglected before,
When stanzas were buried forcefully
On a grave of infinity?

She already has inks to fill,
Paper to make another piece
Hands poured with sweat
A time waisted not to spill.

But sadly, she’s now a writer with a broken pen,
And forgot how to start a mean.

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