Wasn’t for You

Wasn't for You
Image: pexels-photo-1057029

by Reign Torch | Wasn’t for You

Seems so hard for me to stay,
Too hard to walk away.
Listening to what you’ve said,
That we’ll continue instead.
But feelings run dry,
Something has gone by.

Tears slowly falling from your face,
Holding memories you can’t erase.
But what else can I do?
When I can’t make it all to you.
Some may say goodbyes’ not good,
For me, I’ll say, it’s just a word.

Truth slaps harder than lie,
The song hits you deeper you’ll cry.
And said the book I’ve read,
It’s wrong love we don’t need.
You deserve someone better,
Like a fish that breathes in clear water.

This wasn’t for you, nor mine,
It’s for the reality that we don’t mind.
Letting you see the world without me,
Is the greatest gift I can guarantee.
Living the love with you 2 years ago,
Was the love I am afraid to grow.

In my mind, you were hanging,
On a bridge that might be falling.
But the choice is to let go,
Because pain is what I saw.
Second chances are the best,
Though life will take it as a test.

Read this if you have time,
It’s about love not a crime.
Wrote this only for you,
Hoping forgiveness in a year or two.
Then look right through your door,
Because one thing is for sure.

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