Hindi lahat ng kaibigan ay tunay na kaibigan. Ang iba’y nagtatago sa ngiti at yun pala’y mahigpit mong kalaban.

He Said: It is said that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Fact is, you can’t tell them apart. So how do you spot a Frienemy?

1) They’re never happy about your achievements, good fortune and budding lovelife. In short, di siya masaya kung masaya ka. Sabihin na nating inggit lang siya. The problem is, siya ay Great Pretender. Smiling outside, boiling inside. Beware sa kiss niya: Halik Hudas.

2) They are gossipers. Think about it. If this ‘friend’ gossips a lot about everyone around her in front of you, what does she say about you to others?

3) If they gossip, they will surely backbite. So beware of the usual stab-in-the-back-with-humor remarks. “Ang ganda mo sana, ang taba mo lang talaga.” Or “Parang mas bagay kami ni …(sabay tawa).”

What to do? Ask people outside your circle about your “friend.” If it’s confirmed, they stay away from that person, period.

– Tito Homer

She Said: So you found out that your friend is a frienemy. What do you do now? Before you say it’s FO (friendship over, girl), try these:

1) Talk it over. Maybe, it’s not as bad as it seems. Maybe she just has some hang-ups that can be resolved? She may be surprised or be in denial. Just don’t be combative, ok? She’s probably still your friend.

2) Be realistic about the situation. Many friendships are worth saving. This one might not be. Keep an open mind because in the end, it’s you who’ll suffer with negativity.

3) Look to yourself. Baka ikaw naman ay frienemy din pala, kaya ganun din siya sa yo.

And when it’s really FO between you, keep a safe distance but never have the habit of telling everyone else what happened. Bilog ang mundo, girls.

– Tita Jinky

We’re glad to be back to our regular programming. It’s been awhile we did our reflections. Tita Jinky has been hospitalized twice in one month, was recovering for another month, and is on her way to complete recovery soon.

Thank for staying on, guys! We love you!

Tito Homer & Tita Jinky

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