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This is our take on the topic on Consistency. Read on…

He Said:
Wow, ang hirap ng partner na inconsistent, pare. I can relate to that. Dito, relate ka?
1. Mainit ba o malamig ang ulo mo? Kahit na puro pressure ka sa work, school, family, o sabay-sabay na projects, relax lang pag kasama mo Siya. Wag sa kanya ibubuhos ang asar, ok?
2. Late ka na naman? Ayun, baka dito consistent ka. Alam na natin matrapik sa EDSA so di na yan dahilan. Be consistent. Dati, lagi kang maaga mag-text, makipag-chat, at sa lugar kung saan mo Siya kikitain. Dapat, dahil kayo na, ganun pa din.
3. Kayo ba talaga o hindi? Play your part, dude. A relationship is a commitment. Di yan pang-status lang sa FB na masabi lang na di ka basta Single. Stick to ONE. Be fair more than just being consistent. Baliktarin natin ang roles niyo, what will you feel? Show up. Be there for her. Always.

She Said:
No one wants a relationship that has no consistency. Be it friendship, family, work, organization, and most especially love. Why?

1. Nobody wants to keep guessing. Nakakapagod yun ha.
2. Everyone wants the same level of affection or more from the day it started.
3. A solid foundation and status is crucial especially to girls. Kayo ba o hindi? Di pwedeng “luli” (lulubog, lilitaw) consistency nga e.

Being consistent is a habit. You can’t force it on anyone. It will define who you are. People who are consistent are more likely to succeed in life. So remember to pray consistently for guidance and you will never go wrong. God bless us a with a wonderful weekend .

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