Patawarin mo na

Pasko na. Patawarin mo na kaya?

He Said: It may not always be your fault, but in relationships, saying sorry helps. It de-escalates conflict and eases any tension. Apologies have to be real. Fully acknowledge what you did wrong, and understand why your partner is upset. Don’t say sorry for everything, though. Understand what hurt your partner. Get into some dialogue. Communication is key. Here’s a wise tip from a guy’s point of view. Let’s face it. Even when girls are at fault, it’s always OUR (the guy’s) fault haha. They’re never wrong, huh? So apologize anyway. In my case, a happy wife is a happy life!

She Said: As Justin Bieber’s song goes “Is it too late now to say sorry?” There are people whose pride are way up and do not want to apologize. Saying sorry first is not a sign of defeat or weakness. It is a sign of how strong and brave you are. But a lot of times this word is being abused. We say it more than we mean it. We should know the real reason why are we asking for forgiveness. We should take full responsibility that we did something wrong. It doesn’t end in saying sorry. It has to come from the heart. Say it sincerely. Mean it. But in the end, it is what you will do after that really counts.

Hey don’t wait too long to say sorry. It’s not yet too late. God bless everyone .

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