Out of the Turbulence

by Jennilyn Padua | shared on He Said, She Said |

How do you dance to an unfamiliar beat
To a song you find so bland but quick
How do you keep up to the rhythm of the world
When all you wanted was for your music to be heard

How do you bring colors to a canvass
When all you’ve known are shades of black
How do you prance and prolly on the grass
When you can’t even lift your head and straighten your back

How do you enjoy a morning coffee
When it tastes like 3am thoughts and stale gravy
How do you float above still waters
When the storm in your heart don’t falter

How do you scare the monsters under the bed
When they come out each night to haunt your head
How do you kill the voices that whisper
When they are the only companions you consider

How do you save yourself from your clone
The one you keep deep inside your bones
How do you free the lady drowning in her tears
The same woman you trapped out of fear

Unleash the fighter! Break the chains!
No one out there can save you from your pain!
Lift it up to God, confide in His comforting silence
He made you, He’ll keep you, whatever happens

You don’t need music to dance and jive
Just trust your feet and let your instincts decide
You don’t need to follow the world and its deceiving art
Just be someone who can love from the bottom of her heart.

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