Someone That I Used to Love

by Sendo L. | | shared on He Said, She Said |

To the one I used to love,

You made me realize that there is hope even though things seem hopeless
You came into my life to teach me to believe again
You made me believe in love again
And I never regret falling in love with you
Never thought of it that it was a mistake
Indeed I was grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to love and care someone like you
But now… yes I am talking about the Now
Now that we parted ways
I am here in my world
Venturing into the unknown
I am here in my room
Collecting all tears
Tears in its purest form
I could taste the pain
And yet I have to let it go
Let it flow
Because that is all I know
To cry for you to cleanse all bitterness in my heart
Then there you are on your own now
Alone or not
Also travelling to a new spot
Where no more memories of me
You are now at peace
That no more someone like “ME” messing your silence and peace
This will always be our unforgettable tragedy
When all you wanna do is to find healing to your broken heart
But I was careless
I added to your miseries
I created another misfortune
And so thus paying this price…
365 days of playing back old memories
525600 minutes of sadness
31,536,000 attempts to forget you
As you are always in my thoughts every second, every minute
A lifetime if I don’t try to unlove you
Teach my heart to stop caring for you
Learn to stop you wandering around my mind
I know it will take time
Borrowing the lines of an old song…
“Though you’re someone in this world that I’ll always choose to love… from now on you’re only someone that I used to love”

Yes to the 10th letter of the alphabet
I will try to skip you
Everytime I sing the alphabet
I have to let it go…
Though difficult to do
But I have to say this to myself more often
“From now on you’re only someone that I used to love”

Sincerely yours,
Someone you used to love too

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