To My Almost


by Phoebe Kristine Sophia Celeste

To my almost lover, I am saying hi
How are you? Its been quite a while
Know what? I’m missing you terribly
Our small talks and nonsense jokes, everything matters dearly

Are you well? Are you happy?
Are you two both fine without me? Of course the answer is yes, obviously
And uhm hey, do you still remember me?
The one that you’ve hurt so bad and forgotten easily?

I can still remember that night when I can call you mine
But after that, everything vanished in no time
I can still clearly remember how you held my hand
You held it like there’s no tomorrow and no one can stop you and stand

That moment when you cupped my face and said ” I love you”
I should be happy but I cried because I know it wasn’t true
For I know you’re just confused and speaks out of the blue
So I just savored that moment for I know it will end in just a few

You forgot everything that happened
My heart shattered and stiffened
Tears flow right from my eyes
And my soul is restless, my heart gradually dies

Up to now I am still grieving
Not for someone but for my heart that’s still aching
My sad soul is a wreck
And it is continuously dying

Yes it may have been quite a while
Still, I am not over you
Guess I need more time, to heal and accept the truth
That I shouldn’t have crossed the line and got attached to you

But for now, I just wanted to say hi and ask if you’re okay
Are you happy with her? I hope you are because that’s what I prayed
And now, I will just look and watch you from afar
And be contented with that while I am healing my scar.

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