Walls are sturdy and strong

by Tom Aranguez | He Said, She Said |

Walls are sturdy and strong;

And you were weak and hurting and needed a wall to lean on.

To help you stand against whatever you’re going through.

Walls offer protection and security,

And you needed someone to accept you for who you are.

You needed protection from all your enemies.

They also say that walls have ears,

And you needed someone to listen to all your fears and anxieties.

“The walls have ears” they all say,

but do they not know that walls also have a voice?

A story to tell?

You continued to borrow strength the wall

without even knowing what lies beyond it.

But every time you do, you chip off a piece of it.

Sometimes small, sometimes large chunks.

And you’ll never notice because walls are built high,

so that no one could peer what’s inside.

So whenever the wall feels like it may collapse

from all the pressure, there’s no way of knowing

which direction it would fall.

Only one thing is certain, it’s only a matter of time.

I served as your wall, I just hope that when the time I collapse,

you’re no longer leaning on me.

‘Cause the last thing I want is to cause you any harm.

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