You deserve a star, sadly I’m a universe


by Shon Jasmine S. Sales

You’re fond staring at us, stars, your lovers
Forever fascinated the way we shine
Not knowing we are all in love with you
Everyone of us tried to impress you
Every night with you staring, we shine bright
Some are really given with extra brightness and some are just right
And then it came,
You fell in-love with one of us
Nobody knows,
But I’m pretty sure she’s the star with the brightest shine
Upon knowing it, the stars who’ve tried to catch your heart vanished
With reasons they can no longer love you, it will just cause them pain
But then, I’m the only one who stayed among us with your only star
I’ve witnessed how you really love her, even she’s far
She’s really blessed with peculiar and distinct bright
Enough to give your world light
But one night, she came out not
You were too sad, not even realizing I was still there
I tried my very best, I exerted to much effort to be as bright as her
You noticed me, you told me things slowly killing me
But I bear the pain to ease your own pain
And I stayed with you that night of her absence
From then on, on her absence, I’m always there for you
Giving you light when your sky is dark
Sadly, she’s still the one you are looking for
Apparently, I’m just a star to you when she’s not around
And I’m so sorry that I can’t be her
That I’m only the star that shines the weakest
My brightness isn’t enough to light up your world at best
But realization slapped me so hard,
I even cried a river
I’m already tired trying to fill her lapses
And I was wrong thinking and considering I’m the star with the weakest shine
‘Coz I was never a star, I never shone
I’m the universe you once ignored and traded with a star
Not knowing I let myself pained by you
Someone who’s just a little speck of my vastness.

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