Torpe ba?

Meron kang gustong sabihin, pero umuurong ang dila mo.
Eto ba yun, bes?

It’s a sticky situation when you’re madly in love with someone and for some reasons, you can’t say it. It’s hard when you’re the guy but harder when you’re the girl. Your heart seems to burst. What to do?

1) Make sure you’re truly in love. It might just be a big crush, infatuation or a passing feeling. It will be unfair to the other person when you find out the feeling is mutual — then you back out later.

2) If you’re the person who’s expecting to be loved back when you reveal your true feelings, stop and rethink. Many times, love is a one-way street. But relationships are two-way. So work towards mutual love and feelings will be revealed at the right moment.

3) If the feeling is pure, give without expecting anything in return. Love isn’t meant to stay. For love is not love till you give it away.

4) Pray for wisdom and guidance. God is the source of love. Only He can direct you to what’s pure and true. He, too, will guide you on the when and how of revealing your true feelings towards someone. He also will tell you if it’s a go or no go. Trust Him. He will bring you to it.

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